Cleanly handle return deliveries of orders

If needed, we can also unpack

There are many reasons for returns: the wrong size, colour or fit, an error in the order address or a defect in the goods. Returns management is manual work. Almost every second return must be relabelled or cleaned. Standardised and lean processes ensure efficiency and reduce your costs. And because sustainability is important to us, we are constantly developing our methods for processing returned goods.
The team in our returns department unpack all returned goods and carefully check them for damage, signs of use and completeness. We then classify the returned items into A, B and C goods according to your specifications. All goods are digitally recorded and booked back in as returns together with any customer or employee comments. What is undamaged and flawless (A-goods) ends up back in the warehouse. Slightly damaged B-goods are reconditioned and, for example, relabelled or freshly washed. Heavily damaged C-goods that cannot be sold again are stored in consultation with you or disposed of in accordance with the regulations.

Returns management process

Learning from mistakes – evaluating returns digitally

We digitally record all items in our store with hand-held scanners – including returns, of course. Our warehouse management system outputs a dashboard for each customer in which all goods movements are displayed in a comprehensible way. Returns and their reasons are also visualised there. From this, trends and possible accumulations of returns can be read, which can then provide suggestions for production if necessary.

In the case of food or cosmetics returns with a best-before date, this can also be recorded if the best-before date is included in the EAN barcode.

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